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Studies show health issues stem from biochemical imbalances. In fact, each “disease” is really a specific pattern of biochemical imbalances. Functional blood analysis works by analyzing results from your lab data. It identifies your body’s unique biochemical patterns and makes specific, science based recommendations so that you can either reverse your current condition or optimize your current health status.


The beauty of using blood chemistry analysis is objectivity and the ability to track changes or trends. When your patient has biochemical imbalances you will either see improvement, no improvement or that the condition is becoming worse. For example, your patient may be suffering from diabetes and have high glucose levels. Follow-up blood tests will determine if their glucose levels are being reduced.
Depending on what you find on follow-up blood tests determines your course of action to improve the condition.


Let’s face it we all want new patients. There are a lot more people interested in nutrition than in chiropractic and medicine. This will help your practice in many ways. People equate nutrition with health, and realize that insurance does not cover nutrition and they are willing to pay cash. By using nutrition on your existing patients you will increase results, referrals, and your bottom line.
By using blood chemistry analysis and nutrition you can develop relationships with like-minded practicioners and receive additional referrals. After all most doctors would rather have their patients off many of the medications if they found alternative therapies useful.
We also have turnkey programs designed to promote blood chemistry analysis to the surrounding community.


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About the Cima System?

What the Cima System can do...

The nutritional aspect of the Cima System was a program developed back in 1980.

Nutrition has always been our passion.

3 questions the Cima System answers are

1.What are the perfect foods for that specific patient, remember one man’s food is another mans poison

2. Was my patient able to digest, assimilate, metabolize and remove toxic waste from their body?

3. Which supplements are needed to improve the function of the patient?

Answering these three questions are vital to improving the health of any patient.

The perfect diagnostic method used today is a biochemical blood chemistry analysis that all doctors use.

Traditional medicine uses blood chemistry analysis to diagnose disease and prescribe medication appropriately.

The Cima System took the same blood tests, narrowed down the pathological reference ranges from the laboratories and by using mean median formulas created what we called functional physiologic ranges.  By creating functional physiologic ranges we can determine which organs or glands would be malfunctioning before the disease state.  Then by using the right supplementation and diet the body could correct the underlying causes and prevent heart disease, diabetes, thyroid malfunction, gallbladder problems, etc. You get the picture. We could also treat patients that already had the diseases and get success with them as well. Medications could be reduced or eventually eliminated.

The excitement comes on follow-up blood tests when you and the patient see improved in their biochemistry.

It is amazing how you will feel when you see diabetics come off their medications, or blood pressure medication etc.

Not only that but your rational is backed up by sound evidence and explanations.

So the purpose of Biochemical blood chemistry is to determine how the endocrine system, which controls digestion, metabolism, assimilation, detoxification, growth and repair, is functioning. Then once determined we can use the appropriate nutritional protocol including diet and nutraceuticals to balance the endocrine system thereby increasing a patient’s metabolic function, health, and vitality.


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The Team

Who is behind the Cima System?
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James Cima

“The Doctor Of The Future Will Give No Medication But Will Interest His Patients In Diet, Care Of The Human Frame, And The Cause And Prevention Of Disease.” Thomas Edison As a student at Cornell University, James Cima discovered Edison’s quote and became inspired. Struggling with a debilitating genetic back problem, he knew that there had to be a better way to treat his condition. Pills and surgery couldn’t be the only answers. Desperate to find a way to cope, he began a journey that would change his life and the lives of millions of people. Today, Dr. Cima is the country’s leading proponent of a unique system he developed called the Cima System, based on Edison’s philosophy. The moment I read that quote I knew it would change the direction of my life forever states Dr. Cima. I was hooked, and I wanted to become the doctor of the future. Although the definition was near perfect, there was no “how-to manual” that explained how the doctor of the future was going to treat and educate his/her patients. I devoted my life to this vision, and forty years later created a health and wellness program that educates doctors and patients alike, which lives up to Mr. Edison’s philosophy.
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Natalie Cima

Dr. Natalie Cima Dejesse was born and raised in a Chiropractic lifestyle. She started working with her father, Dr. James Cima, when she was a teenager. She saw the amazing impact that her father, as well as chiropractic, had on people’s lives. It was from this point on that she knew she wanted to be able to help people look, live, and feel better. After graduating high school in 2000, she attended Palm Beach Atlantic University. She focused on the sciences needed to get into chiropractic school. In 2004, Natalie graduated from PBAU with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She was enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida. Natalie Graduated with her Doctorate of Chiropractic in December 2007 as well as receiving her Florida license to practice. She started practicing with her father in January 2008. Her greatest two passions are working with dancers as well as pediatrics and pregnancy. She also continues to learn a great deal from her father so that she too can become a "Doctor of the Future."
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James Cima

As a child, Dr. James always knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a doctor of the future. Always being into health and wellness, James majored in exercise physiology when he attended University of North Florida. Upon graduation in 2010, he moved on to get his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida Campus Dr. James has been licensed and serving the Palm Beach Gardens area since 2013 His goal for each patient is to get them well as fast as possible and educate them on how to stay well. His approach to patient care is holistic and well rounded; aiming to hit every aspect of your musculoskeletal condition. Dr. James utilizes nutrition, myofascial release, stretching and strengthening exercises to treat his patients along with chiropractic care.

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