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How Do I Choose My Supplements Or Add Them Into The Program

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This program comes equipped with a supplement line that is already downloaded into the program. The company that I have been dealing with since the early 1990's is Professional Complementary Health Formulas. Toll-Free Phone: 800.952.2219 Local Phone: 503.479.3150 Fax: 503.479.3149 Email: Their quality and control are second to none. Their glandular/organ line is the highest quality and the processing of the tissue concentrates is a lyophilization process where by all enzymes, hormones, antibodies, DNA/RNA, and other intrinsic cellular factors remain intact. They have and extensive line of homeopathic and herbal formulations besides the traditional vitamins and minerals. Your results will be directly affected by the supplements you use so choose your supplements wisely. Now for those Drs. that have supplements that they feel are effective and want to add them into the program it is easy to do. These supplements can be uploaded into my program just by clicking on the supplement link in the side bar menu. On this page you will fill in all the information you would want such as the name, image, description, dosage, and if it is a general supplement (multivitamin-mineral) or a specific supplement such as a adrenal tissue for adrenal fatigue. A drop down box will open for the specific supplements only, and then click on the gland or organ that supplement is uses for. Once the supplement is added go to and click on EDIT TEST then click on VIEW TEST and scroll down to the TOP 12 GLANDS/ORGANS. Pick the gland or organ that you want to support click on ADD in the Add Supplement column. Once you click on the Add button a box will appear to the right Under "Add Supplements For" there is a scroll down box and that is where you will find your supplements that you added.