Finding a Lab

As Easy As 1,2,3

1 - If you do not have a lab that you already work with, then I would first start by checking out the local labs in your area such as Quest Diagnostics, or any other labs.
I would then send them a copy of the tests that I would want to be run and asked them how much it would be for the complete test.  The fees should run anywhere between $90-110. Below are the two panels I run:


Panel without hormones. Click Here
Panel including hormones Click Here
Once you find out which, lab will give you the best price and is also a quality lab, set up an account with them.
They will send you requisition forms that will include your name, blood chemistry profile along with other tests that the lab runs as well. This is what the doctor and the patient will fill out before their appointment to the lab.
I would also instruct the patients on directions to the lab, making appointments, bringing proof of who they are, and let the patient know that it is a 12 hour fast, where they can only drink water, so the test should be done the first thing in the morning.
2 - If you are in an area, where there are no labs around, you can use any of the online labs such as or and then send them the cimasystem blood chemistry profile to get a price. They will then direct you on how to proceed from there.
3 - You can also contact Access Laboratories at 866-720-8386. They will set up an account for you and find the closest lab or drawing station to your office. They can also send a lab tech to the patient’s home as well. This is a great way to go if you are in a state that does not allow Chiropractors to draw blood. There is a drawing fee, which, varies between $40-$75. Access will even send you lab kits if you prefer to draw blood “in house”. They are also very familiar with the Cima System Profile and the process will be very "turn key" for you to use them. Their fees are also very competitive and the Cima Panel generally runs around $100 without hormones and around $350-$400 with hormones. The hormone panel is not run through the Cimasystem Analysis and is not necessary unless you wanted to specifically look at hormone levels.